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No matter who you are, where you are born, which location you call home, what is your age, what is your cultural, educational or professional background, who you love or what is your reality – our mission is to reach each and every LGBTQIA+ person that is feeling isolated, lost in any way or where fear is prohibiting him or her to live a happy life due to his or hers (a)sexuality. Each and every individual deserves the right to be happy, to love and to be loved with respect to one another. Often people misunderstand and believe that a sexual orientation is a choice. That this is not the truth. When we fall in love with someone, we don’t choose it. When he or she holds our hand tightly and we have a feeling that nothing else matters in the world or when we feel that warmth flooding in our heart and in every cell of our body whenever he or she is close to us, we don’t chose it. It just happens naturally and that is called being in love! The only conscience choice that we are really making is whether we actually live a life by being true to ourself and to our feelings. Unfortunately still way too often, carrying the luggage of our choice can be particularly heavy depending on how our surrounding perceives or accepts who we really are. The Gay Side of Life aims to create a safe environment and offer the opportunity to every person to be heard and to be understood on how they live their own truth no matter on which side they are standing. By enriching this community, by sharing and learning from our own unique experiences and by combining our own unique strengths we will manage to embrace who we really are, to discover our identity and also to take action towards living the life we truly want to live. Happiness is a choice and together we will overcome all the obstacles that prohibit us from reaching this ultimate goal. 

The Gay Side of Life is a space that has been created for you. Together we will grow stronger and we will thrive in all aspects of our lives using the strongest tools: Love, kindness, support and unconditional compassion. To achieve that we need to start on a strong foundation. And that means loving and accepting who we are. During our session sharing we will learn how to respect and accept each other. We will hear each other life stories and what were the positive outcomes and the life lessons gained. Together we will learn how to love, respect and accept ourselves. So, our first step towards a happy and fulfilling life – love and accept my self! I am awesome. I am unstoppable. I am unique and I am not alone on this journey called life. Let’s go!

The Gay Side of Life is also a place for the families, friends, co-workers and for all the allies that already has or wishes to build a strong connection with an LGBTQIA+ person and that would like to be a part of this community. You will have the opportunity to understand many aspects of LGBTQIA+ that are a remain unknown for you. Please be aware that this is a safe space where you can offer your support to other members by sharing your insight or your experience, where you can respectfully and creatively express yourself with the goal to create an even more loving and harmonious relationship with an LGBTQIA+ person that plays an important role in your life. This is a place where we accept each other and where we accept our different point of views. By creating this new communication channel and by allowing a healthy and constructive dialogue, we have the opportunity to become a better parent, a better son or daughter, a better partner, a better friend, a better colleague, a better ally, but most and for all, a better person. Just remember that at the end of the day or even at the end of our life, we all want the same thing. To be loved, to be appreciated, to be understood, to be respected. And this is the right place to show that this is what you wish as well!

Member Space

Find the stories of life mates that travelled already their way. Get inspired and share to inspire!

Facts & News

You can find a pool of information relevant to LGBTQIA+ matters. We owe it to ourselves and to our peers to acquire valuable insight on various aspects of our diverse and colourful community.

Discussion Forum

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Sharing Session Space

You are not alone! Our sharing sessions provide a safe space giving you the opportunity to share your story with lovely souls that have gone through similar experiences.

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Add some Gay-ness to your life with style! Our shop provides you access to a universe lifestyle booster. You don't wanna miss the funny alternatives of GSL. 😉

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